Torunn Korneliussen (51) from Sørumsand attended GlommaDyppen for the second time in 2020, and she was pleased: – Because I think such events are fun, it is extra safe to swim when there is competition, then we are well looked after and can think only of ourselves. It's just fun to be a part of. A feast day!

Torunn will participate in the shortest distance, Lofferen (2000 m). She was part of last year, but then the event was moved to Heiavannet due to low temperature in Glomma. But she knows the t
rack.- I swam it at training last year in preparation for the Glomma Dip.

Safety importan
tBut is it not dangerous to swim in Gl
omma?- The way we travel, it is quite safe. It's often a cuddle we're out on. Ev
en though she has passed 50, she repeats several times that it is important to bring an "adult" when going out and swimming.- It
is important to bring someone who knows the river. And then you have to have the right equipment and co
nsider the day shape. A safety review is always taken on land before going for a swim in Glomma. And no one swims alone.

Outdoor swimming is t
goal- I started training swimming on June 21 last year," says Torunn. -I learned to swim in elementary school, we were lucky enough to have swimming once a week throughout school hours, and good swimming training, especially in middle school. But since then I haven't practiced swimming until last summer. It was simply the opportunity to swim outside that made this interesting to me. That's why I signed up for the Wet Card course that Dag Rinden held last year (Wet Card is a skill mark one can take through courses in both Sørumsand IF and Fet Svømmeklubb). This winter I have also attended Crawl courses in Fet swimming club.

But the goal of the indoor swimming is to get swam more outside. "Swimming outside is just a wonderfully nice nature experience," says Torunn enthusiastically. – And then it's fun and delicious training. I'm never very tired afterwards, actually feeling perky right after. But I can get tired later in the evening!

Describe a cuddle trip for us: – Then we meet behind Bingsfoss middle school and have plenty of time to change. We'll go downstairs, preferably to Fynsand. We get our gear together and swim out and get one, maybe two rounds in swirls out in Glomma. Then we follow the backwater around and up again, and get started again over the swirls and get spun a little more. Then we slide down with Glomma at good speed, where it pays to take the time of the hundred meters, because you get a lot of help from the current. When the river calms down, we cross right over to the lushammeren, go ashore there and traverse up along the river, almost all the way up to Bingsfossen, where we swim over to Fynsand and happily take another round.

What would you say if there is someone who wants to join but who does not know if they dare?-
Get in touch, come along and try!

Motivation for traini
ngBut GlommaDyppen is a competition, why should you be part of it?-
The advantage of being part of competitions is that then you have to get out and train a little. Becomes extra motivation. At the same time, this is a day where we meet many others who think this is fun, and it is very nice. It's fun to see how many we've become.

Do you have a tip for first-time participants at GlommaDyppen?-
It's important to remember to enjoy yourself, meet up in good time and not rush.